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Be close

The Mishiko App tracks your dog’s location with up to 4m accuracy.

It uses three geo-location systems simultaneously: GPS, GLONASS and LBS.

If your dog goes missing, activate SOS mode and get the exact coordinates of your pet immediately.

Mishiko saves your pet’s last GPS coordinates even if the battery is dead.



Track health

With Mishiko you’re always up to speed on your dog’s exercise levels.

Our unique algorithm, which can determine over 600 different breeds, calculates a dog’s target activity goals based on breed, weight, sex and age.

With Mishiko, you can track your pet’s activity on a daily or monthly basis.

Mishiko will show the distance covered by your dog, its activity time and number of steps.



More than just an application

The Mishiko App is an easy-to-use personal dashboard with all your dog’s vital stats.

The Mishiko App not only displays the battery charge, but also lets you know when your dog has achieved its activity goals.

The Mishiko App can easily be integrated with social media, letting you share your dog’s progress with family and friends!


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