Mishiko want your dog’s photo!

With dog obesity a growing concern in the UK and a huge 35% of dogs estimated to be overweight or obese, we have developed a completely free app for all dog owners to keep their furry friend in the best possible shape. The DogBodyScore application, developed by pet care systems company Mishiko, uses artificial intelligence to identify a dog’s breed and assess its health condition remotely using just photos. This feature will also be brought to the Mishiko app very soon to provide all users of our trackers with individual, customised nutrition and exercise programmes for their pet to complement the existing tracking.

We are currently working with experienced veterinarians from the Med-Vet clinic to help teach and develop the artificial intelligence the app uses to make it as smooth and accurate as possible. They will view all images that have been uploaded and provide an assessment of the general physical condition of the dog which will help to improve the algorithm within the app.

But that’s not enough….

We need you!
If you have an iPhone and want to check the physical condition of your pet then this is your chance to do just that and be a part of the development of an innovative product. The photos of your pets and their evaluations will help to improve the artificial intelligence used on the app.

How does it work?
Simply download the DogBodyScore app from the App Store and upload your dog’s photos. There are two types of photos that we need: a profile and a shot from above (there are hints in the app).

The artificial intelligence immediately recognises if there is a dog in the photo uploaded and, once confirmed, it will assess the dog’s physical condition. The algorithm is constantly learning and being continuously developed, so all the photos will also be viewed by experienced veterinarians to ensure the assessment is as accurate as possible and improve the system’s understanding of the physical condition of all dogs loaded into the network.

What you will get?
By downloading the app and uploading your photos, you will receive a free assessment from one of the skilled veterinarians at the Med-Vet clinic about the physical condition of your pet. This will be received by email within a week of uploading your photos so don’t forget to fill out your profile in the app! As well as this, all users of the app will receive a 20% discount code for the Mishiko Health Activity and GPS Tracker with a monthly subscription – a thank you from all of us at Mishiko for your support.