Superior Design

Mishiko is the state-of-the-art solution

Waterproof aluminium body

Mishikois fully waterproof if it’s raining or if your dog loves jumping into big puddles or a quick swim. The device is resistant to water immersion for up to 30 minutes. With Mishiko, your dog’s activity levels continue to be tracked whatever the weather is doing.

Bright backlight

The advanced construction of the Mishiko light guide provides soft and uniform lighting. Even at night you can easily find your dog. Different backlight modes keep you informed of the charge level, the operating mode and device updates.

No wires

To charge the Mishiko Collar, just put it on the wireless charging panel — you don’t even need to take off the collar! The device has no buttons and turns on automatically when in use.

Travel with peace of mind

Mishiko works worldwide. Forget about data roaming! Travel with your pet across Europe and even the U.S. safe in the knowledge that your dog is always connected.

Keep it stylish with classic colors

The choice of black or white for your Mishiko device fits any style and makes a great accessory for your dog.

Stylish outside. Stylish inside