Algorithme de Mishiko

Specialists of Mishiko team have developed their own algorithm to calculate the required daily activity for the dogs. We have collected unique data on specific features of more than 600 breeds of dogs. Then we have performed internal tests, collected pieces of information and statistics, consulting with multiple veterinaries, professional dog handlers and rehabilitation clinics for pets.

As a result, now we have an experimental solution, which enables to determine the required daily norm of activity for your pet, on the one hand, and enables to analyze how does your dog reach this norm, using data from built-in accelerometer sensor tracker, on the other hand.*

We have sorted out all breeds pursuant to FCI standards and have amended them with the standards of local dog fanciers (for example, indigenous breeds and breeds not recognized by international classification). We have separated each of them in its own type, with regard to initial specialization of the breed: “molossus”, “working” (guard and herding), “pocket”, “hunting”, “companion” or “riding”.

Then together with professional breeders and manufacturers of dog food we have determined correction coefficients that take into account demand in activity for various breeds and specialization of dogs.

To increase accuracy of calculation we have introduced additional coefficients that take into account weight, sex and age of the pet, into the experimental formula. Built-in accelerometer enables Mishiko to determine how the pet achieves its individual norm of activity.

To get this information, for every breed we have calculated average length of comfortable pace experimentally by measuring it. Knowing this information and with the help of accelerometer we determine the distance covered by the dog while using Mishiko (kilometers of distance covered) and the tempo of the pet while walking, with sufficient accuracy.

This analysis provides you, the users, with a detailed picture of your pet’s activity in scores and hints if the dog has been active enough during the day.

Upon development of this algorithm we have performed a number of field tests, made corrections in coefficients and started the process of patenting our experimental formula.

Now we are improving the algorithm every day, amending it with data and statistics on ever greater number of dogs.

“Working with Mishiko team gave me a unique chance to draw attention of dog handlers to the risk of obesity of their pets. Similarly to human, insufficient activity is the reason of multiple diseases of pets and according to statistics lack of activity cuts about 2 years of their lives.

I am pleased to participate in development of Mishiko algorithm and I am sure that our experimental formula will show a real norm of activity for the dogs to their owners and I hope it will change our attitude to daily walks, making them more interesting and useful”


Aleksandra Muromtseva,
Senior Doctor of Intensive Care Unit (ICU),
Anesthesiologist in Veterinary Diagnostics Center

*The program is experimental and is an approximation to estimate dog’s activity