This Letter of Warranty has been issued by the company Mishiko Holding, s.r.o., registered office Rybné námestie 1, 811 02 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, CRN: 50 067 354, as a Seller, in order to confirm guarantee of the quality of the following product: Mishiko Collar.

Warranty period: The warranty period provided to a customer is two years from the moment of delivery of the goods. “The moment of delivery of the goods” is the moment when the consumer receives the goods from the Seller in the case when the consumer purchases the goods in the Seller’s retail stores, or the moment which occurs at a reasonable time after sending the goods by the Seller to the buyer, at which the delivery of the goods may be expected (no later than 14 days after sending of the goods) in the case when the consumer purchases the goods from the Seller through the Seller’s online shop.

Contents of the Warranty: The Warranty means the Seller’s obligation to the consumer, which is provided to the consumer free of charge and refers to refund of the purchase price or replacement, repair of the consumable or another remedy if the goods fail to meet the specifications provided in the General Business Terms and Conditions of the company Mishiko (hereinafter referred to as “GBT&C”) or in another relevant document or advertisement for the product.

Scope of the Warranty: This Warranty is provided in compliance with the European Union law and the laws of the Slovak Republic in terms of the relevant article of the GBT&C. The Warranty is applicable in the territory of the European Union only. This Warranty does not cover the fault of the product stated or caused by the reasons stated in this Letter of Warranty below.

Damage to the serial number on the product may cause rejection of the consumer’s claim unless the damage is caused within usual use of the product. The serial number forms an integral part of the product and it does not restrict the customer’s right to use or handle the product by any means.

The Warranty does not cover the faults caused:

  1. a) by mechanical damage to the goods,
  2. b) by electric overvoltage (obviously burnt parts or printed circuits), except for usual deviations,
  3. c) by using the goods in the conditions which do not comply with the conditions specified by the Seller or by the Manufacturer regarding the temperature, dust formation, humidity, chemical and mechanical effects of the environment,
  4. d) by incorrect installation, handling, operation or neglected maintenance of the goods,
  5. e) in case the goods or a part of them have been damaged by a computer virus or similarly,
  6. f) if the fault appears only with the software for which the customer is not able to prove legal way of acquiring or using an unauthorized software and consumable material,
  7. g) by overloading of the goods or by using the goods not in compliance with the conditions provided in the documentation or with the general principles for safe use of the product,
  8. h) by performing an unqualified intervention or parameter modification,
  9. i) by modification of the goods by the customer (coatings, bending, etc.), if the fault has been caused by such a modification,
  10. j) by damaging of the goods by natural disasters or vis major,
  11. k) by using incorrect or faulty software,
  12. l) by using incorrect or unoriginal consumable material, if such use is not usual and has not been excluded in the accompanying User Manual.

Place for claims: Consumers may claim faulty goods directly in the shop or (in particular if purchased online) by sending the product to the following address iFix s.r.o.- FixServis, Einsteinova 7, 851 01 Bratislava, 00421 (02) 22133399,

Information required for using the Warranty and Warranty conditions: The claimed goods shall be secured thoroughly in order to prevent it from any damage caused by transport. The parcel shall be marked “CLAIM” visibly and it shall contain: the claimed goods (including complete accessories), a copy of the purchase document, detailed description of the fault, sufficient contact data of the buyer (especially the return address, e-mail address and tel. number) and the desired way of settling of the claim. If the goods have been claimed for the first time, the consumer may choose of two options only, either the repair of the goods or replacement for new goods. If the goods have been claimed for the second time, the consumer may choose also a discount from the purchase price or money refund. WARNING: The claim may not be settled in the event of insufficient identification of the faults of the goods! The consumer may find all details, important and useful information on how to claim the product warranty and the warranty conditions in the GBT&C.

The consumer is required to prove the validity of the Warranty by submission of the purchase document for the goods. If the goods have already been claimed, the consumer shall submit also the document on settling the previous claim.