Mishiko Collar. Keeping your dog safe and secure

Track your dog’s GPS-coordinates and activity throught the day


Never lose your pet

14% of domestic dogs go missing, with a large portion of them never returning home*.
The Mishiko Collar lowers this stat by giving your pet’s real-time coordinates with up to 4m accuracy. With Mishiko’s global. SIM-chip, you will always know where your dog is wherever you are in the world.

*According to ASPCA research


Track health

Obesity is the number one problem for domestic dogs.
Lack of exercise can shave around 2.5 years off a dog’s life*. With Mishiko, you’re always aware of your dog’s daily activity levels. Our unique algorithm determines the characteristics of over 600 breeds in addition to your dog’s individual data: weight, age and sex.

*According to APOP research


Make friends and communicate

The Mishiko App is more than just a collar add-on; it’s a hub for storing info about your dog’s health and your network of fellow dog owners. Go for a walk with Mishiko every day, set new goals and turn it into an exciting game for your pet.