Mishiko Collar. Your pet looked after

Track your dog’s GPS-coordinates and activity throught the day


Walk and never lose

14% of domestic dogs become lost, with a large portion of them never returning home*.
The Mishiko Collar strives to lower this statistic by providing you with your pet’s coordinates in real-time with up to 4 meters of accuracy. With Mishiko’s global SIM-chip, you always know where your dog is regardless of where you are in the world.

*According to ASPCA research


Track health

Obesity is the number one problem for domestic dogs.
On average, dogs can lose up to 2.5 years off their life due to a lack of activity*. With Mishiko, you’re always aware of your dog’s daily activity levels. Our unique algorithm can determine the characteristics of over 600 breeds in addition to your dog’s individual data: weight, age and sex.

*According to APOP research


Make friends and communicate

The Mishiko App is more than just an addition for the collar; it’s a hub where all of your dog’s health information and your network of fellow dog owners is stored. Walk with Mishiko every day, set new goals and make an exciting game of each walk with your pet.